Consular: Growing Dutch population in Sweden creates challenges and opportunities

Sweden is a popular country amongst Dutch people. Nature, peace and quiet, as well as jobs and love, are important reasons for Dutch people to emigrate to Sweden. Every year, the registered Dutch population in Sweden grows with three to four percent, resulting in the current number of 11.000 Dutch people living in Sweden. Although Sweden is a member state of the European Union, procedures can differ strongly from those in the Netherlands. This is where the Embassy comes in!

The consular section of the Embassy is responsible for legal documents for Dutch people and can also assist Dutch people with the procedures when settling in Sweden. Currently, we are also responsible for Dutch people living in the Baltic states who need to come to Stockholm, when they want to renew their passport or apply for a visa. As the Dutch passport law has changed in 2014, passports and identity cards for adults are currently valid for a period of 10 years, instead of 5 years. This is why we expect a drop in passport applications, as most passports do not need to be renewed during the next five years. Still, the growing Dutch population creates challenges, as we have a wider potential of people who need the consular section.

Special for us in 2018 were two ceremonies of naturalisation for new Dutch citizens. During the ceremonies, led by our consular employee Edgar Haverkamp and Ambassador Ines Coppoolse, these person were officially presented the citizenship of the Netherlands. A passport often means more than just a paperbook, it means more. This is why people request a Dutch passport after for example having been married for a long time with a Dutch citizen, or having a mother or father who is Dutch, although the requester has been living in Sweden for all of his or her life.

In 2019, we again expect more Dutch people to settle in Sweden. We want to continue the high level of our consular services. If you happen to have any questions for our consular section, please send an email to We as an Embassy are very happy to help Dutch people in Sweden with all their consular questions and paperwork to feel safe and sound!

Naturalisation ceremony of Amy Oi Mee Cheung who received the Dutch nationality in September 2018. During the ceremony ambassador Coppoolse highlighted the meaning of becoming a Dutch citizen.