Applying for an airport transit visa in South Sudan

If you live in South Sudan and want to apply for an airport transit visa for the Netherlands, you cannot do this at the Dutch embassy in Juba.

The Netherlands embassy in Juba has no consular authority hence is not authorized to issue visas nor passports. Therefore, you are kindly requested to contact one of our other embassies in the region, the embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, the embassy in Kampala, Uganda or the embassy in Khartoum, Sudan to lodge your application.

  • The application must be done  in person.
  • You are advised to make an (on-line) appointment when you have all the necessary documents ready.
  • You travel to the Netherlands Embassy of your choice and apply for the visa.
  • You will get your passport back that same day to enable you to travel back to South Sudan.
  • You make an appointment to deliver your passport straight away to the Netherlands Embassy in Juba in person (together with the payment proof).
  • Your passport will be sent with DHL to the Regional Service Office in Accra or in Pretoria where the visa application will be processed.
  • Your passport will be sent back with DHL to the Netherlands Embassy in Juba who will inform you to come to collect it.
  • Please be aware that this procedure might take up to 15 working days.