Working Holiday Program when you are from Japan

Are you between at least 18 and 30 years of age? You can come to the Netherlands for a maximum of 1 year to get to know the Dutch culture and society. For this, you need to apply for a residence permit.

Due to travel restrictions, the pre-registration of the WHP from 1st April 2021 has been postponed. The re-opening of the pre-registration will be announced on this page.

How to apply

Before you can apply for a residence permit in the Netherlands, you must first apply for a pre-registration. You will need this proof of preregistration for your application for a residence permit in the Netherlands. Application for this preregistration can be done by e-mail only. You do not need to visit the embassy.

To apply for this proof of registration please send an email to:  

Please provide your personal information:

  1. name: SURNAME, First name (example: TANAKA, Riku)
  2. passport number: your passport must be valid for more than 1 year
  3. date of birth: year - MONTH - date (example: 1995-APR-01)

Due to COVID-19, this year applications for WHP have started in October. A maximum of 200 applicants will receive a “Pre-Registration Letter” from the Netherlands embassy in Tokyo. If the quota of 200 applications have been reached, you will receive a notification by automatic-reply.

What is next?

In the pre-registration letter you will be informed about the next steps to take. It is important to know that you cannot apply for a residence permit at the Dutch embassy in Tokyo. Your application for a WHP residence permit will take place after you have arrived in the Netherlands. For more information please visit the IND website.

Please note: the pre-registration is valid for 90 days only. This means that you need to travel to the Netherlands and have an appointment with the IND within 90 days from the date of issuance of this pre-registration letter.

If you do not travel to the Netherlands and have not started the procedure for a WHP residence permit within 90 days from the date of issuance of this pre-registration, this pre-registration is not valid anymore and you will not be eligible to apply for a WHP residence permit.

More information

You can find more information about the Working Holiday Program on the website of the IND. Its Frequently Asked Questions section additionally provides answers to questions you might have on the procedure, residency and requirements such as mandatory (health) insurances. 

Please do not send any general inquiries to the Netherlands embassy in Tokyo. The email address  is only for receiving applications. For other inquires you can contact the Immigration and Naturalisation service (IND).