Legalisation of a signature in South Korea

In some cases it is possible to legalise your signature at the embassy in Seoul. The embassy can legalise a signature confirming that the signature of the signer on a document is genuine. An example is signature legalisation on a power of attorney, a proxy/ giver grants another person, the authorized representative, the authority to perform legal acts in his or her name. This mainly concerns powers of attorney in connection with the settlement of an inheritance or purchase or sale of movable or immovable property in the Netherlands. Another example is signature legalisation on a declaration of consent for a Dutch passport application for a minor.

The embassy can only legalize the signature of persons with Dutch nationality. Signature legalization is not allowed if it concerns a will. Nor can the embassy legalize a signature on a notarized power of attorney or a private power of attorney to provide a mortgage.

What do you need?

  • proof that you live legally in South Korea, for example an alien registration card.
  • proof that you have Dutch nationality, for example:
    • a Dutch passport
    • a Dutch ID-card
    • a declaration of Dutch citizenship

On which documents a signature can be legalised?

When you want to legalise your signature on a document, we will have to check first if this is possible. Please send a scan of the document to If your signature can be legalised, we will contact you to plan an appointment.

What are the costs?

Click here for the consular fees.