Financial support for cultural projects

The Netherlands Embassy in Korea has subsidy available to support Dutch cultural projects in Korea. There are a number of rules and requirements for subsidy applications. You are strongly advised to contact the Cultural Affairs department of the Embassy before starting.

The project should contribute to the profile of the Dutch arts and culture in Korea and strengthened cultural cooperation between the Netherlands and Korea.

Subsidies are only granted insofar as the resources of the embassy are sufficient. Because of the limited amount of the fund, all grant and contribution application cannot always be treated positively and the requested amount cannot always be promised.

Other Dutch art funds

We also guide other possible grants from various Dutch national art funds. On DutchCulture/funding you can find the Cultural Mobility Guide 2017.

Dutch cultural subsidy application

  • Projects must have Dutch cultural participation and a clear link to Dutch culture or Dutch (based) artists.
  • There must be (a) Korean (co)organizer(s). In principle, subsidy can only be granted to a Korean organization.
  • Under certain circumstances, it is also possible for a Dutch organization to apply supposing that there is a clear demand for their involvement from Korea.
  • All documents should be written in English.
  • Current or past projects cannot apply. You are advised to contact the Dutch embassy as soon as a project plan is ready. You should apply at least one month before the project begins.
  • It takes up to 3 weeks from the submission to the decision to award the subsidy or not. However, we advise you to make your application known to us as early as possible.
  • There must be a financial involvement from a Korean partner. Dutch cultural subsidy cannot exceed the total amount of own contribution and other organization’s funding for each project.
  • Hospitality costs, overhead and infrastructure costs, and purely commercial activities are not eligible for funding.

Required documentations

  1. (Digitally) signed cover letter asking for an application;
  2. Project proposal, promotion plan, relevant portfolio – and the overall summary of those;
  3. Budget overview showing estimated costs and income, parts with Dutch involvement, and clearly indicating what amount is missing and therefore requesting for our help.

Your application with the abovementioned documents must be substantiated by including:

  • information about your organisation, including proof of bank account ownership;
  • the objectives, results, and target audience of and communication and promotion plan for your cultural project or activity;
  • proof of the activity or project, such as information about collaborating organisations and venue, and a detailed and complete breakdown of the budget.

The activity or project is a Dutch artistic work and thereby demonstratively raises the profile of the Dutch cultural sector in Korea through one or several of the following ways:

  • encourages international exchanges of cultural events, artists, knowledge and expertise
  • enlarges the field of operations and networks of artists, designers and cultural institutions;
  • promotes sustainable and reciprocal cooperation in the arts, creative industry;
  • enhances the visibility and appreciation of the various Dutch cultural sectors abroad.

Submitting your application

You can submit your application via email.

When the project is finished

You must send a report to the Cultural Affairs of the Netherlands Embassy in Korea within one month. It should include information such as achieved results, the number of visitors and description of on/offline media coverage.