Adopting a child from Slovakia

If you wish to adopt a child from Slovakia you must meet several conditions.

Since 8 February 2021, the adoption of children from another country has been suspended. It is not known yet how long the suspension will last. Do you already have a declaration of approval in principle ('beginseltoestemming')? Then you can still complete the adoption procedure after an extra test. New adoption applications will not be processed. You can read more about the suspension of adoption from another country (information in Dutch) at

Adopting a child

Adoption involves taking over the upbringing and day-to-day care of the adopted child from its biological parents. To start an adoption procedure you will need a declaration of approval in principle ('beginseltoestemming'). The Dutch government will then assess whether you are suitable to adopt a child from abroad.

You can read more about adopting a child from abroad at

Dutch embassies play no role in adoptions, but a number of them can provide extra information. For example about how to adopt a child if you yourself live outside the Netherlands.

Adopting a child from this country or region

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