Answers to your questions on doing business in Slovakia

Once your plans are more specific, the embassy network will be happy to provide you with information tailored to your situation or project. It can also support you if you lack international business experience.

Personal answers to your questions on doing business

You've decided what market you want to target, but have questions about your project. Contact the mission in the country in question. They will be happy to help and can provide you with the information you need. They can tell you more about market sectors, rules and regulations, the business climate and other relevant issues.

If you're still exploring and comparing markets, contact the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( They can arrange an advisory consultation.

Coaching for international starters offers coaching for businesses with little or no experience of doing business abroad. Starters in International Business helps you develop an international strategy in three steps, so you can identify your opportunities abroad.

More information

For more information, contact an adviser or a representative of the embassy network in the country you want to do business in.

Your questions about doing business in this country or region

The Economics and Trade Department at the Embassy in Slovakia

The Economics and Trade Department gives general and sector specific information to Dutch companies about exporting to and invisting in Slovakia. You can also get in contact with us if you have questions concerning the local legislation and regulation.

The department consists of:
Mr Martijn LAMBARTS   -   Deputy Head of Mission
Mr Igor FLIMEL               -   Economic and Trade Officer

T: +421 2 5710 0312
F: +421 2 5249 1075

Send an e-mail.