Life sciences & Health in Singapore

Singapore has developed itself into a global biomedical hub in terms of production and development of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical technology. Many large pharmaceutical companies are based here. Research is being undertaken in several institutions, such as the universities and the Biomedical cluster of A*STAR (Agency for Science Technology and Research), preferably in cooperation with companies. The government encourages translational and clinical research, by reserving S$ 125 million for research on cancer, metabolic disorders (diabetes and obesity), eye diseases, infectious diseases and neuroscience.

Singapore experiences rising health costs and an increase in chronic diseases due to an aging population. This creates opportunities for medical technologies that support healthy and independent living. Singapore’s Master Plan "health care in 2020" includes the opening of three new hospitals.

The Dutch company Score BV, a producer of innovative dental equipment was able to secure a suitable local distributor for its stools in Singapore and Malaysia. The first order was secured within four months of signing the distributorship agreement.