High Tech


Singapore’s high tech sector is well developed and has become an integral part of the knowledge based economy. Leading research institutes and established universities are working closely with the high tech industry. Due to the attention for green and sustainable living as well as public transport, Singapore is known as a ‘Liveable City’. In 2030 over a quarter of the Singaporean population will be older than 65. To maintain an adequate workforce the government will support population growth. The current focus is set on research to support urban challenges, which are associated with high-density cities and ageing population. The opportunities lie in development and test bedding of high tech solutions in complex systems such as smart cities, mobility, robotica and energy efficiency.

Safety has the highest priority in Singapore and innovations in the field of cybersecurity and fintech are therefore of major interest. TNO and other Dutch organisations work closely together with their cyber and fintech counterparts in Singapore. Other challenges and opportunities with regards to the high tech sector are related to the subjects of autonomous driving and serious gaming. Serious games and self-driving cars can be great facilitators in achieving Singapore’s goal to become the world’s first smart nation and the Netherlands has a leading role in the field of both serious gaming and autonomous driving.

Dutch company ‘2getthere Asia’ will pursue both automated and mixed-use transit projects in Singapore and the region in 2017. It will contribute to introducing the use of e-bikes and driverless vehicles as new way to travel around Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the nearby JTC CleanTech Park within a year.