Key sectors in Singapore

Singapore’s unique geographic position as a hub into Asia, the world’s best business environment, high quality education and living standards have made the country the most attractive investment destination in the world. But these are not the only reasons why the Netherlands is a major investor in Singapore. The Dutch have built an excellent reputation that goes back to the very founding of Singapore and currently services exactly those areas Singapore takes a particular interest in.

Promises for Dutch companies

Singapore is a dynamic, constantly changing city. The Singapore society embraces innovative technological solutions for personal use and application on a broader scale as well. New buildings are being built, the newest technologies are being applied and top rated universities educate the highly skilled workforce of the future. The Singaporeans have a pro-business mentality. The city-state, albeit small, offers business opportunities on many fronts. The construction sector presents opportunities for architects, designers, construction companies and green building and energy efficiency specialists. ICT solutions in all sectors are sought after.