Applying for emergency documents in the Pitcairn Islands

If your passport or identity card is lost or stolen while you are in the Pitcairn Islands and you want to apply for a new passport, ID card or for a laissez-passer, contact the Dutch embassy or consulate. Bring the necessary documents with you to your appointment.

Passport or identity card lost or stolen

Is your passport or identity card lost or stolen? The embassy or consulate can help you apply for a temporary or permanent document to replace your passport or identity card. Contact the embassy or consulate in your region as soon as possible.

Documents needed to apply for an emergency travel document

If you are applying for a new passport, emergency passport or laissez-passer, take the following documents with you to the embassy or consulate:

  • a completed passport application form;
  • a completed declaration stating that the travel document has been lost;
  • if possible: other identity documents or photocopies of them;
  • if possible: a photocopy of the passport or identity card that was lost or stolen;
  • 2 photos (1 required and 1 spare) that meet the Dutch requirements for passport photos;
  • if possible: a police report stating that your passport or identity card was lost or stolen;
  • proof that you cannot delay your journey or proof that you are a tourist;
  • tickets for your onward journey if you are travelling by plane, train or boat.

Emergency travel documents for children

If the lost or stolen document belongs to a child younger than 18, take proof of consent from the child’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and photocopies of the parent’s/parents’ or legal guardian’s/guardians’ passport(s).

How long will it take?

Issuing an emergency document or laissez-passer generally takes 2 to 3 working days. Applying for a new passport generally takes 4 weeks.

If you find your lost or stolen travel document, hand it in to the embassy or consulate. You can no longer use your old document.

How much does an emergency document cost?

For the cost of applying for an emergency travel document, see the overview of consular fees.

Applying for an emergency document in this country or region

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