The Orange Carpet Visa Facility in Pakistan

If you are a business traveller who travels to the Netherlands frequently from Pakistan and you need a short-stay Schengen visa each time, find out if you or your employees are eligible for the Orange Carpet Visa Facility.

This facility aims to simplify Schengen visa applications for companies in Pakistan that frequently send a large number of employees to the Netherlands.

The facility offers applicants the following advantages:

Applicants can send Schengen visa applications by courier or agent directly to the VFS/Gerry’s Visa Application Centers in Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi and are exempted from the requirement to appear in person. However, first-time applicants have to apply in person to provide biometric data (fingerprints). Persons whose biometric data were taken more than five years ago also have to apply in person as biometric data (fingerprints) that are older than five years are no longer valid.

Easy access to VFS/Gerry’s Visa Application Centers between 08:00 and 08:30 a.m. during working days without prior appointment.

The standard requirements – i.e. proof of flight reservation (itinerary), hotel reservation, medical insurance (with a coverage of at least €30,000) and proof of sufficient financial means – are waived.


Businesses that have a high volume of Schengen visa applications  (more than 30 on a yearly basis) with the main purpose of stay in the Netherlands.


Fill in the application form (form A).

Fill in the form on contact details (form B).

Add a supporting letter from the Dutch counterpart, indicating the importance and volume of the business relations and frequency of business visits and dealings.

Add proof of financial soundness of both the Pakistani and Dutch companies.

Add a copy of the NTN of your company and the registration/membership of a Chamber of Commerce of both the Pakistani and Dutch companies.

Send all the above-mentioned information by e-mail to


A completed and duly signed Schengen visa application form. The following questions may be left blank (unanswered): 11, 24, 27, 28, 31, 33, 34 & 35.

A valid passport, which is valid at least 3 months after expiry of your visa / completion of your intended journey), duly signed by the bearer with at least 2 empty pages assigned to visas (not to annotations);

If applicable, copies of used or still valid visas  from the last three years in previous passports.

Two recent passport size photographs (see Schengen photo requirements for further details);

A covering letter signed by the applicant company’s contact persons (mentioned in form B) indicating that the company guarantees to cover all expenses related to the upcoming trip and that the applicant is adequately medically insured during his/her visit (with a minimum coverage of €30,000) please use the letter template provided.

Payment of Schengen visa fees (depending on the daily exchange rate).

Disclaimer: Applications under the Orange Carpet facility must comply with the applicable conditions. The Embassy has the right at all times to request additional information and/or documents for each individual application. No rights may be derived from the Orange Carpet facility. Misuse may incur sanctions, e.g. unconditional termination with immediate effect. These sanctions may be imposed without prior warning and cannot be contested.

Feel free to write to for more information regarding orange carpet facility in Pakistan.