Learning Dutch in Romania

Do you want to learn Dutch? You can take Dutch lessons or follow a language course.

The embassy does not offer language courses but there are several possibilities for learning Dutch in Romania.

For example the University of Bucharest has a center for Foreign Languages – Ariel. Details about the Dutch classes you can find here:


There are various individual study sets that you can buy. They include books, DVDs, CDs and online lessons. Examples include ‘Zelf starten met Nederlands’ supported in Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian or ‘Naar Nederland’ supported in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.


See www.naarnederland.nl or check the (online) bookshop. On the website www.oefenen.nl  you can learn basic Dutch free of charge. Support is provided in various languages.

Are you looking for someone to help you to learn Dutch? You may be able to find a language volunteer at www.hetbegintmettaal.nl or www.taalzoeker.nl