Opportunities for businesses in New Zealand

Why invest in New Zealand?

New Zealand is an export oriented economy with a strong focus on the primary industries (agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, forestry).   It is an ideal setting for producing quality foods and beverages. Its primary products annual export revenues total some $36 billion and growing. There are potential opportunities for Dutch companies to connect their complimentary expertise to the following sectors:

Dairy – improving productivity and sustainability, smart dairy farming, and agritech

Horticulture – smart and advanced greenhouses and genetic modification

Agriculture – precision agriculture, genetic modification and smart farming

Water – water management, maritime technology, smart ports and effective infrastructure

Creative Industries – gaming and advertising

The economic, cultural and scientific ties between the Netherlands and New Zealand are excellent

The Netherlands is one of the most important European investors.  Dutch companies from the financial, dairy genetic performance & herd management, oil & gas, mining, retail and telecom sectors have direct foreign investments.

There are 150,000 New Zealanders with Dutch heritage, and many of them are influential in the agricultural and food sectors. Universities and research institutes from the Netherlands and New Zealand work closely together.

Awesome business environment

The World Economic Forum identified New Zealand as having the world’s best protection for foreign investors, and its banking system is the second best in the world.

New Zealand is one of the easiest and stable counties for doing business. New Zealand also has strong trade partnerships with Asian countries, and its Asia-Pacific location may be of value to Dutch companies. 

Contact the Netherlands Embassy in New Zealand!

To receive detailed New Zealand sector reports, and to help link your business to New Zealand. We look forward to hearing from you!  Wel-ea@minbuza.nl

Opportunities and developments

Staff at our missions closely monitor economic, innovative and social developments. They identify opportunities, trends and local demand, for example for specific products or techniques. And they also monitor opportunities for and developments in innovation, international corporate social responsibility and procurement. This includes contracting by international organisations (website in Dutch).

For more information on international opportunities, see the International Business portal and the 'NL exporteert' app (both in Dutch).

Market and sector reports

Missions also compile market and sector reports (website in Dutch). You can also find reports by private parties, such as banks. This way, you can keep up with key business developments in the local market.

New business opportunities in this country or region

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