Netherlands Embassy's public events in New Zealand

Netherlands Embassy's public events in New Zealand

Dutch explorer Abel Tasman was born in Lutjegast, a village in Groningen province.  He was the first European to reach New Zealand. On 13 December 1642 Tasman first sighted New Zealand, on 18 December he anchored off the coast of Golden Bay and left again on 20 December. This encounter opened the first chapter of the New Zealand-Dutch connection. The Netherlands Embassy proudly celebrates the 375th anniversary of his discovery with the below events.

The Embassy is a sponsor of the "Welcome Aboard" exhibition in New Zealand. To get a taste of Dutch exploration in the Southern Hemisphere in the 17th century, see this nine minute video

On Expedition with Abel Tasman!

The Netherlands Embassy teaches an interactive lesson plan called “On Expedition with Abel Tasman” to children between 9 and 11 years old. Children go on an imaginary expedition to learn how Abel Tasman’s crew navigated, what life on the ships was like and what happens when different cultures meet. The Embassy’s lesson plan is available to all teachers and schools around New Zealand. To receive this free teaching material, please contact us at

Abel Tasman Mapping the Southern Lands by Maria Gill and Marco Ivancic

With great pleasure the Netherlands Embassy sponsored the publishing of this new children’s book about Abel Tasman’s adventures.  Follow the Embassy’s Facebook page for book prize giveaways later in the year.