Agriculture in Myanmar

Greetings from the agricultural team of the Dutch embassy in Yangon!

Agriculture in Myanmar

  • Myanmar is an agricultural country and the agricultural sector is the backbone of its economy.
  • The agricultural sector contributes about 37.5 percent to GDP, accounts for 25 to 30 percent of total export earnings and employs about 70 percent of the labor force.
  • Myanmar has twice the amount of agricultural land per capita compared to the Asian average and 10 times the freshwater reserves per capita compared to large neighboring countries such as China and India.
  • The varied topography, water and variety of ecosystems in the country make it possible to produce a wide range of grains, pulses, horticultural products, flowers and fruit, as well as all forms of livestock farming, fish farming and fishing.
  • Business opportunities can be found, for example, in the supply of all plant and animal starting materials (such as seeds, seed potatoes, hatching eggs), fertilization and in the development of value chains from farmer to consumer with the entire business and technical services that can support this.

More information

Contact the agricultural department in Myanmar:

Frederik Heijink, Agricultural council

Aye Aye Nwe, Agricultural assistant

Mee Mee Oo, Executive assistant of the Agriculture & Economic Affairs section

• E-mail:

• Telephone: +95 (0) 123 17575 (Secretarial office, Mee Mee Oo)