Embassy in Yangon: Who are we?

Management embassy

Phonenumber: +95 (0) 1231 7575-80
Fax: +95 (0) 1231 7581
E-mail: yan-cdp@minbuza.nl 

Function or specialty Employee
Ambassador Mr. Wouter Jurgens
Deputy ambassador Mr. Huub Buise
Secretary and Consular Assistant Ms. Su Su Aye

Economic affairs and political department

Phonenumber: +95 (0) 1231 7575-80
Fax: +95 (0) 1231 7581
E-mail economic affairs: yan@minbuza.nl
E-mail political department: yan@minbuza.nl
E-mail agricultural department: yan-lnv@minbuza.nl

Function or specialty Employee
Head Mr. Huub Buise
Political affairs and human rights Ms. Linda van der Horst
Agricultural attaché Mr. Frederik Heijink
Water attaché Mr. Johan Heymans
Senior economic employee Mr. Ye Wana Hlaing
Senior business developer - port and logistics Mr. Win Maw Han
Senior agricultural employee Ms. Aye Aye Nwe
Senior political employee Mr. Nyi Soe
Senior water employee Mr. Aung Myint Oo
Agricultural and Economic Assistant Ms. Naw Mee Mee Oo

Internal and consular affairs

Phonenumber: +95 (0) 1231 7575-80
Fax: +95 (0) 1231 7581
E-mail internal affairs: yan-az@minbuza.nl
E-mail consular affairs: yan-ca@minbuza.nl

Function or specialty Employee
Operational manager & consul Mr. Pieter de Leeuw
Internal and consular affairs employee Ms. Zin Thuzar Ko

Defense attaché

Location New Delhi
Phonenumber: +91-11-241 97 623
Fax: +91-11-241 97 710
E-mail: nde-def@minbuza.nl 

Function or specialty Employee
Defense attaché (DEFAT) Colonel Dr. Allard Wagemaker
Assistent DEFAT Mr. Tuncay Irmak

Immigration liaison

Location Bangkok
Phonenumber: +66 (0)2 309 5200
Phonenumber assistent ILO: +66 0 2 309 5221
Fax: +66 (0)2 309 5205
E-mail: ban-ilo@minbuza.nl

Function or specialty Employee
Immigration liaison (ILO) Mw. Stefanie Schwartz
Assistent ILO Mw. Arissara Suratanon

National police

Location Bangkok
E-mail police liaison Bangkok: ban-klpd@minbuza.nl