Authorisation for temporary stay (long-stay visa MVV) for asylum family reunification

Procedure at the Embassy in Beirut

If you are a family member of a refugee and want to reunite with your family in the Netherlands you need a long-stay visa (MVV). Your family member in the Netherlands must apply for your MVV at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND).

The IND may ask the Embassy to take your DNA or to hold an identifying interview.

After the IND approved your MVV you need to proof your identity at the Embassy with your original identity document that was checked by the IND.

DNA test

Mail the IND letter to the Embassy for your DNA-appointment. Mention in your email if you stay in Syria or in Lebanon. Add a scan of your identity document.

Identifying interview

Mail the IND letter to the Embassy for your interview appointment. Mention in your email if you stay in Syria or in Lebanon. Add a scan of your identity document.

Appointment to collect your MVV

To collect your approved MVV you need an appointment. The Embassy will use your personal data  (name, date of birth, nationality) as registered by the IND. Are your personal data incorrect? Then you first need to have them corrected by the IND before the Embassy will give you an appointment.

Mail the IND approval letter to the Embassy for an appointment date.

You can use the appointment mail for entry at the Lebanese border. Inform yourself about the conditions for entry to Lebanon.

Border procedure in Lebanon

The Lebanese border procedure can take a long time. If you enter Lebanon under the category 'embassy visit' you will be allowed to enter only shortly before your appointment.

Are you a stateless Palestinian with a travel document issued by the Palestinian or Egyptian authorities? Then you always need to obtain a prior visa from the Lebanese Embassy in Damascus.

The Embassy cannot facilitate your entry into Lebanon and cannot contact the Lebanese border. In case you are not able to cross the border mail us for a new appointment.

Procedure at the Embassy

Bring the following documents to your appointment:

  1. filled in MVV application form
  2. your passport with a copy
  3. recent passport picture (according to requirements for the Dutch passport)

You do not need to pay a fee for your MVV.

Temporary travel document (Laissez-Passer)

If you do not have a passport and IND approved that you obtain a Laissez-Passer, you also need to bring:

  1. filledc out passport application form
  2. your identity card or the original identity extract as checked by the IND
  3. 2 additional recent passport pictures.

You do not need to pay a fee for the Laissez-Passer.

Collect your MVV

After registration of your application the Embassy will send your original passport to the Regional Service Organisation in Amman for printing your MVV. It takes around 9 days for your MVV to be ready. Do not book your ticket before you have received your MVV.

If you entered Lebanon on your identity card, you need to transfer the entry stamp to your travel document at the Lebanese Immigration General Security before you can travel to the Netherlands.