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Latvia is located in the northeast of Europe; with the Baltic Sea in the west, Latvia borders with Estonia in the north, Russia and Belarus in the east and Lithuania in the south. The country is 64,573 km2, approximately one and a half times the size of the Netherlands.

Latvia has a rich nature. About 52% of Latvia’s land area is forest. The land is mostly flat, with a number of hills, especially in the east and southeast of the country. The highest point is 312m. In Latvia, 67% of the population lives in cities.

Latvia is with the Eastern European Time Zone one hour ahead of the Netherlands.

The 800 year old city of Riga (1201), has a very rich history of which much is still present. The river Daugava splits the city in two. Riga has about 650.000 inhabitants and is the largest city in the Baltics States. The city is home to about a third of the Latvian population.
The chancellery is located on the border of the Old Town (Vecriga) on the right bank of the Daugava.

List of important telephone numbers

Train station:

Stacijas laukums 2, Riga

Telephone: +371 1181 (general information) / 90001222 (reservations)


Bus station:

Pragas iela 1, Riga

Telephone: +371 9000009 (general information) / 90001111 (reservations)


Riga Airport:

Telephone: +371 29311187 (general information)


Riga Port (Passengers terminal):

Eksporta iela 3a, Riga

Telephone: +371 67322506

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