Registering a birth in Kuwait

If your child is born in Kuwait, you must register the birth there. If applicable, you can register the birth certificate in the Netherlands at a later time. You can acknowledge parentage of the child in Kuwait or in the Netherlands.

Registering a birth

If your child is born outside the Netherlands, the birth must be registered with the local authorities in that country. Such authorities include the local registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, and the municipality in which you live. When the birth of your child is registered, a birth certificate will be drawn up. In some countries you can register the birth at the Dutch embassy instead.

Rules for registering a birth and choice of name

You can find the Dutch rules for registering a birth and choosing a name for the child at Other rules may apply abroad. For example, there may be different rules concerning the use of surnames or other alphabets (such as Japanese or Arabic).

Registering a foreign birth certificate in the Netherlands

You can register the foreign birth certificate in the Netherlands. This is not compulsory, but it can be useful – for example if you or the child later need a copy or extract of the birth certificate.

If you have registered a birth with the local authorities of the other country, the birth certificate is a foreign document. In many cases, this foreign document will need to be legalised and translated. This depends on the country where the foreign document was issued. You can find out how to have foreign documents legalised on the legalisation pages.

Birth certificates issued by a Dutch embassy

If you registered the birth at a Dutch embassy, you will have a Dutch certificate which will not need to be legalised for use in the Netherlands. You can request an official copy or extract from the Dutch embassy or consulate that drew up the certificate. If you live in the country in which the birth certificate was issued, you can contact the embassy yourself. In all other cases you can apply for the copy or extract by sending an email to the Consular Service Centre in The Hague.

Acknowledging parentage of a child while abroad or in The Netherlands

Acknowledging parentage of a child while abroad

The rules for acknowledging a child vary by country. In some countries you have to follow a certain procedure and you receive a declaration of acknowledgment. In other countries, if a parent’s name is stated on the birth certificate this automatically means they acknowledge parentage of the child.

You can find country-specific information under ‘Registering a birth and acknowledging parentage of a child in this country or region’. An acknowledgment of parentage issued abroad is not always legally valid in the Netherlands.

Acknowledging parentage in the Netherlands of a child born abroad

If your child is born abroad you can acknowledge parentage in the Netherlands at any time. So it's not a problem if acknowledging the child abroad is not possible. You can also authorise someone to do this on your behalf in the Netherlands. For more information about acknowledging parentage of a child visit

Registering a birth and acknowledging parentage of a child in this country or region

You can also register the birth of your child in the register of the Embassy in Kuwait.  This can only be done within 30 days after the birth. To ensure your request can be processed within 30 days, you should send a scan of the following documents by email:

  • Birth notification of the hospital, with the exact time of birth (pink paper)
  • Kuwait birth certificate and translation
  • Passports of both parents: a copy of the holder page, the page with the social security number (BSN) and the Kuwait residence visa
  • Extract of the marriage certificate (not older than 1 year and if required translated and legalised)

Please send the email no longer than 21 days after your child's birth.

After having received all the required documents by email, the embassy will give you an appointment. You will then need to bring all the abovementioned documents in original.

The embassy will register your child following Dutch law with a first name and surname, assuming that father and/or mother have a surname.  The names will be transferred into the Dutch passport.  The birth certificate made up in Kuwait will be added to the register of the embassy in Kuwait.

A copy of the certificate always has to be requested via the Consulaire Diensten Centrum (CDC) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague.  This can be a costly and time consuming procedure because the embassy in Kuwait has to make up the certificate.  The birth certificate will not be registered in the central registry (Bureau Landelijke Taken) in the Netherlands.