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Frans Potuyt

Ambassadeur Frans Potuyt

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Thank you for your interest in the Netherlands Embassy in Kuwait also responsible for Bahrain. The Embassy’s team stands ready to assist you with everything you need in your dealings with the Netherlands, be it for official reasons, for business, for family, or to spend great holidays in our country!

It is one of the most important tasks of an embassy to foster and promote excellent bilateral relations. Between Kuwait and the Netherlands this is not so difficult as the ties of friendship between our countries are of long standing and strong. Following the horrible days of the Iraqi invasion (1990-1991), the Netherlands participated in the international coalition to liberate Kuwait, and we assisted in rebuilding the country.

The focus of Dutch relations with the Gulf region has for a long time been on economy and trade. Our trade figures are impressive. Many Dutch engineers and other experts are working in Kuwait, not only in the oil and gas sector, but also to implement the Kuwait vision of 2035, to diversify the economy and to prepare the country for a sustainable future.

In the present turmoil in this part of the world, we realize more and more that political relations with a moderate and constructive country like Kuwait are of great value.  We recently entered into political dialogues and we are working closely together to find solutions for the different conflicts in the Middle East region, to fight global terrorism and to counter human suffering. In the course of this year both our countries will take seats in the Security Council of the United Nations. I am sure we will work closely together.

The theme the Netherlands embassy is highlighting this year is the ‘Netherlands’ fresh products for a healthy lifestyle’. In every supermarket in Kuwait you will find our fruits and vegetables, our cheeses and meat: fantastic ingredients for delicious meals. Together with quite some Kuwaiti institutions we have organized a Dutch Healthy Food Week. This was well received and we go on promoting this theme.

Another field of special attention is the young generation. I am not only pleased to lecture at the different universities about the Netherlands society and economy, but I try in the meantime to convince students to come to the Netherlands, where you can follow many courses in English, where the people are hospitable and where studying is still affordable.

The embassy likes to reach out to all people in Kuwait. With the help of our trainees, we are working hard to upgrade our profile in the social media. Not only by this website we try to inform you of what our Embassy is doing, but we also started Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to keep you updated about our work.

Once again, thank you for visiting our website, and don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information, questions or comments via:

Frans Potuyt

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