Opportunities for businesses in Japan

The government's international network flags international opportunities and trends for businesses, in partnership with local parties and governments.

Opportunities and developments

Staff at our missions closely monitor economic, innovative and social developments. They identify opportunities, trends and local demand, for example for specific products or techniques. And they also monitor opportunities for and developments in innovation, international corporate social responsibility and procurement. This includes contracting by international organisations (website in Dutch).

For more information on international opportunities, see the International Business portal and the 'NL exporteert' app (both in Dutch).

Market and sector reports

Missions also compile market and sector reports (website in Dutch). You can also find reports by private parties, such as banks. This way, you can keep up with key business developments in the local market.

New business opportunities in this country or region

When you are considering the Japanese market you can find here a quick overview of parties (both governmental and commercial) in the Netherlands and Japan that can help you to start your business in Japan.

We advise you to visit the websites mentioned on this page where you will find valuable information on:

▪ trade promotion in the Netherlands
▪ Japan as a country and as a market
▪ on trade fairs and trade missions
▪ on the possibilities to get support

Furthermore, you can find information on exporting in general, on exporting to Asia at large, and on exporting to Japan.

The Embassy is willing to assist you if you have any questions. If you are planning to visit Japan, you can always contact us to discuss your business initiatives.
For questions with regard to the Kansai area you may contact the Economic Department of the Consulate General in Osaka.

Netherlands based parties

Portal voor Internationaal Ondernemen (Dutch)
This website is a source of information for entrepreneurs orienting themselves on foreign markets. It contains all kinds of practical information. Especially the frequently asked questions (FAQ) contain a lot of useful tips. All the information from the Chamber of Commerce, Fenedex, branch organisations and the EVD is combined in this portal.

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)  
RVO is the agency of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote international business and cooperation. It assists Dutch companies who want to do business abroad with a wide range of services. For those who wish to start doing business in Japan, RVO is a good point of entry.
The site contains the following information and instruments for Japan:
Country & market information, promising sectors, trade inquiries, consultation with Embassy commercial officers on working visits, trade missions & trade fairs, match-making. It also provides the following support programmes.

- Business partner scan (BPS)
         - RVO contact for Japan: JanWillem.vanderKolk@rvo.nl
- Partners for International Business (PIB)

- Starters International Business (SIB)

JETRO Amsterdam
JETRO Amsterdam is a subsidiary of JETRO Japan, a Japanese government related organisation that promotes trade and investment in Japan. It gives information to Dutch companies on the various aspects of the Japanese market. JETRO offers a newsletter which gives a detailed overview of Japan related activities. It also has a library and publications (of which most are free) on investing and starting business in Japan. The site contains the following instruments for Japan: market information, trade requests and newsletters.

Japan based parties

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Economy and Trade Department
The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is the first organisation you should contact in Japan. The Embassy answers trade requests and inquiries, does market research, can help to introduce your company to third parties in Japan (which can be helpful in Japan) and organises company seminars. The Embassy can also help you to approach Japanese public authorities. The Embassy works closely together with RVO.
Please contact us in Dutch, Japanese or English, if you have any questions or requests. When you ask your questions in English or Japanese it will be easier for the Japanese staff to process your question.

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
The Japanese government promotes import and overseas investments in Japan through JETRO. Its website offers useful market information as well as constructive guidance from A to Z to assist newcomers to the Japanese market. Their “ Invest Japan Business Support Centers” (IBSC) helps foreign companies to set up their new business in Japan. They do so by consulting industry experts and providing temporary office space for free. They also provide access to the latest market information and match-making services. The JETRO-website also has a good Q&A on investing in Japan.

Manufactured Imports Promotion Organization (MIPRO)
MIPRO is a Japanese semi-governmental organisation that provides information and consulting services, organises seminars and introduces companies to an expert support network to help them set up their business in Japan.

European Business Council
The EBC represents the interests of foreign business in Japan; The EBC is composed of 18 European National Chambers of Commerce. Working closely together with the European Commission and the European embassies in Tokyo, the EBC collects information on trade-barriers and submits suggestions to the Japanese government.

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Japan
The NCCJ’s primary objective is to build a network of relationships that creates the opportunity for members to share experiences with people who have similar interests. The NCCJ aims to expand both professional and personal networks that facilitate the pursuit of business activities in Japan, as well as the promotion of trade between the Netherlands and Japan. The NCCJ organises a variety of activities, often in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Trade requests are processed by the Embassy.

Prime Minister of Japan and his Cabinet
This site contains links to all of Japan's ministries, as well as a lot of basic information and statistics.

Statistical Handbook of Japan
Designed to provide a clear and coherent overview of present-day Japan through statistics.

JETRO’s Japanese Trade Fair Search
This site contains an extensive (Japanese) trade fair database that can be searched.

Tokyo Big Sight/ Makuhari Messe/ Pacifico Yokohama
These sites give an overview of planned fairs and activities in and around Tokyo area.

If you have questions on trade fairs in Japan, or if you are interested in participating in one of these fairs, please contact the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Embassy can assist in organizing an exhibition.

European parties

Delegation of the European Union to Japan
Represents the European Commission in Japan. There is a lot of info under the “EU-Japan Relations” section, including information on and links to several support programmes.

EU Gateway to Japan Programme
EU funded and managed programme to assist EU companies in developing business cooperation with Japanese companies.  It also aims to provide Japanese companies opportunities to gain first hand knowledge and successful products and technologies of EU countries.

EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation 
The organization to promote all forms of industrial, trade and investment cooperation between Japan and the EU. Also to strengthen the technical capabilities and competitiveness of the Japanese and European systems.

This ‘starters kit’ is meant to help entrepreneurs to find their way and to properly prepare for doing business in Japan. The Embassy suggests you consult the websites mentioned above, but is not responsible for their content.

Other useful websites

Governmental Institutions
Cabinet Office
(Official website. Information on the Japanese economy, economic and fiscal policy management and international economic outlook.)
Prime Minister and his cabinet (Kantei)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Small and Medium Enterprise Agency 
Agency of Natural Resources and Energy
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Finance
Financial Services Agency
National Tax Administration 
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Ministry of the Environment
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Semi-Governmental Organizations
Bank of Japan
Development Bank of Japan
(DBJ provides long-term financing and other policy-based schemes to qualified projects as a supplement and inducement to the lending and other services provided by ordinary financial institutions.)
Japan Bank for International Cooperation
(JBIC undertakes lendings and other operations for the promotion of Japanese exports, imports and economic activities overseas)
Japan Instite for Labour Policy & Training
(JIPLT provides information on the Japanese labour market and labour situation)
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
(Implementing organisation for the technical aspects of Japan's ODA programme)
Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO)
Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST)
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
(Develop and promote new energy and energy conservation technologies.)

Information on economy & statistics
Statistics Bureau & Statistical Research and Training Institute
(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
Economic and Social Research Institute
(Cabinet Office)
The OECD country report on Japan
Nikkei Asian Review
(Web site of Nikkei, the leading Japanese business newspaper)
Japan Federation of Economic Organizations (KEIDANREN)
Tokyo Stock Exchange
Japan Information Network

Trade & Industry
World Trade Center Tokyo, inc.
The Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry