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Dutch Embassy Israel @NLinIsrael

Anticipating the 22nd International @AIDS_conference #aids2018 in Amsterdam, @NLinIsrael supports a lecture by dr. Yuval Livnat from the @IsraelAIDStf, comparing #Dutch HIV-policy to the #Israeli HIV-policy

14 hours ago
Dutch Embassy Israel @NLinIsrael

YESS! Our little known and visited #Friesland is ranked 3rd place in the #BestinEurope 2018 list by @lonelyplanet. Find out why:

3 days ago
Dutch Embassy Israel @NLinIsrael

What to do on a Friday evening? We have an idea for you: tonight the #documentary The End of Fear by #Dutch director Barbara Visser will be viewed during the @docaviv International Documentary Festival

7 days ago
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