Word of welcome Ambassador Hans Docter

Welcome to the website of the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tel Aviv. My name is Hans Docter and I represent the Netherlands in Israel.

As a Dutch person living in Israel, there are a quite a few aspects which are reminiscent of home. Israel has a very diverse culture, there’s a plethora of languages being spoken in the streets, and people are generally direct, but also caring. No wonder then, that Israeli and Dutch people get along so well. Cultural exchanges between our countries are also numerous; food, literature and music are interchanged, and our people like to visit each other’s countries as tourists.

The warm relations between Israel and the Netherlands are also embodied by our economic ties. Although the Netherlands is a fairly small country in size, we are the 6th largest trading partner of Israel. Our countries are known around the world for our pioneering solutions to global challenges, in both the private and public sector. By harnessing innovation and creativity, we see opportunities where others see obstacles. Being pragmatic and result-oriented is what makes us turn those opportunities into successes.

On this website you can read how our team could help you explore all the possibilities the Netherlands has to offer. You will also find information on the Dutch effort for peace in the Middle-East.

Furthermore, this website gives information on various practical procedures such as applying for visa, passports and other consular affairs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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Hans Docter


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