Photo for a passport or identity card in Ireland

If you are a Dutch national and currently live in Ireland, you can apply to the embassy in Dublin for a passport or identity card. The photo you submit with your application must meet specific requirements.

Requirements for photos

The photo used for a passport, identity card or visa must meet certain requirements. This includes requirements concerning size, quality, background, appearance, position, facial expression, glasses, exposure and framing. Your application will only be accepted if your photo meets all the requirements. See for more information about these requirements.

Having photos taken

You can have the photo for your passport, identity card or visa taken online or by a photographer.

Online photo

You can go to the website or (in Dutch only) to take a photo that meets the Dutch requirements.


If you have the photo taken by a photographer, tell them what requirements it must meet. Tip: download and print the ‘Photomatrix guidelines 2007’ (in English) and take them with you. The guidelines give detailed information for photographers about the Dutch requirements.

Photographer in Dublin

The following photographer in Ireland is familiar with the Dutch requirements:

Fuji Photo Centre
Merrion Shopping Centre
Merrion Road
Dublin 4