Dutch education in Ireland

The school finder helps you find schools providing Dutch education in Ireland.

In many countries children can complete some or all of their education in Dutch. They may be able to attend a Dutch school or take after-school classes.

Primary and secondary education abroad

If you live abroad your child has several schooling options, depending on the country:

  • a local school
  • an international or European school
  • a Dutch school

See rijksoverheid.nl for more information on schooling options abroad (this site is in Dutch).

School finder for Dutch schools

The Foundation for Dutch Education Worldwide (NOB) supports and funds Dutch-language education abroad. The NOB school finder (this site is in Dutch) helps you find schools that provide some form of Dutch education.

Dutch education in this country or region

Dutch classes for adults and children available locally

Trinity College Dublin offers classes for all abilities

De Madelief is a Dutch and Flemish school operating from St. Conleth's College in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 for children of primary school age. 3 hours of Dutch culture & language education every Saturday morning, further information can be found here