Getting a divorce in Ireland

What should you do if you're a Dutch national living abroad and you wish to separate or divorce? Contact a local lawyer for more information.

Divorce procedure under Dutch law

If your marriage was registered in the Dutch Register of Births, Deaths, Marriages and Registered Partnerships, Dutch law will apply. The divorce will be arranged via the Dutch courts.

Dissolving a Dutch marriage abroad

It is sometimes possible to dissolve a Dutch marriage in another country. This depends on the laws that apply in the country concerned. It is possible, for example, in European Union member states. A local lawyer will be able to explain the options.

Getting divorced in the same foreign country where you got married

If you married abroad and you still live in the same country or your marriage has not been registered in the Netherlands, you will need to apply for a divorce in that country. The laws and procedures vary from country to country. So you should contact a local lawyer for more information.

Legalisation of Dutch documents

You may need to produce Dutch documents for a divorce or legal separation procedure abroad. You may also need to have these documents legalised

Divorcing, separating or terminating a registered partnership in this country or region

There is no additional information.