Renewing your driving licence in India?

If you live in India and your Dutch driving licence has expired, you can renew it.

Renewing your driving licence

You can apply to the Road Transport Agency (RDW) in the Netherlands for a new Dutch driving licence as follows:

  1. Request an application form online (information in Dutch).
  2. The RDW will send the application form to the Dutch correspondence address you provide.
  3. Return the form to the RDW, together with the documents required. The user guide for driving licence applications (PDF, 475kb) (information in Dutch) tells you which documents you need to send.
  4. Pay the driving licence application fee.
  5. The RDW will send your driving licence to your correspondence address in the Netherlands within 10 working days.

Driving licence lost or stolen?

If your Dutch driving licence has been lost or stolen, you will need to apply to the RDW for a new one.

You can download a statement of loss (PDF, 75kb) and send it to the RDW. This will prevent unauthorised use of your driving licence.

International driving licence lost or stolen?

If your international driving licence (information in Dutch) has been lost or stolen, you will have to go in person to an ANWB store in the Netherlands to get a new one. You cannot buy an international driving licence online or by phone.