In addition to our top sectors, startups are high on the agenda. The growing Indian market offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs and pioneers. The Netherlands network in India helps entrepreneurs in India or who want to enter the Indian market in various ways.

Opportunities in India


India offers great opportunities in the Startup ecosystem. The economic growth huge and the country is modernizing fast. Startups are catalyzers for innovation and sustainable and inclusive growth. It involves them to bring about scaling up and to convert innovative ideas into business reality, stimulating a positive impact.

India has with more than 20,000 startups, the 2nd largest start-up ecosystem. The Indian market is very open to innovation. Bangalore, the "Silicon Valley" of India,has one of the best ecosystems worldwide for a startup to grow and become successful. . Furthermore, the Indian government has over 50 programs to promote startups. They also have a special scale-up support program.

Especially in the sectors of health, smart cities, cyber and digital tech there are many opportunities for Dutch startups in India.


In 2018, the Dutch government, in collaboration with the Indian government and StartupIndia, launched the initiative #StartupLink. #StartupLink supports Dutch startups in achieving their potential in the emerging, young, and dynamic market in India with a fast-growing start-up ecosystem. The digital hub is the first site to provide a composite overview with relevant information about market access, quality networks, and business support tools.

Startups have a digital reach to solve the challenges and opportunities on the Indian market and, together with Startup India, draw up a follow-up Plan. Through partnerships with local talent and customized services, we stimulate innovation further. For more information and more options, visit the #StartupLink website.


Various incubators and accelerators have been developed by Dutch companies in India to stimulate innovative thinking and entrepreneurship, and to support sustainable growth.

Examples are:


  • Shell E4: Shell E4 contributes to the sustainable energy transition in India through startups focused on energy in the portability of social issues. With the help of consultants and experts from Shell, these startups can develop their ideas.
  • Philips HealthWorks: Philips Healthworks invests in India and India with care workshops, care for innovation.
  • Unilever Ventures: Unilever Ventures focuses on the growth of startups in the healthcare and digitization sector, in order to improve CMENS through innovations

Startups and the social development goals

Dutch startups are active in all sectors, but there is a great focus on sustainability and social impact. Therefore, Dutch startups contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, mainly in the areas of:

• SDG 2 (No Hunger) - startups active in agriculture

• SDG 3 (good health and health) - startups active in health

• SDG 7 (affordable and clean energy) - startups active in sustainable energy

• SDG 12 (responsible consumption and production) - startups active in waste management, smart solutions, circular economy, etc.

• SDG 9 (industry, innovation and infrastructure)

More information

Are you an entrepreneur in India, or do you want to enter your innovative idea into the Indian market? For more information contact us.