Economic Affairs

The Netherlands embassy in New Delhi follows economic developments and multilateral trade policy. We promote the Dutch economic interests and support the presence of the Dutch business community in the Indian market. The embassy also helps Indian companies find Dutch business contacts. Furthermore, we promote bilateral investments and we contribute to the organization of trade missions. Our economic team works closely with the Agriculture team and the Innovation team.

Our Economic Core Tasks

As a regular core task in the field of trade promotion, we provide tailored economic information to the Dutch business community and draw up business partners' scans when mapping suitable Indian business partners. We assign high priority to the tracking and reporting developments in India in the areas of sustainability, innovation, science and economic development.

Within the Dutch network in India and in consultation with ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs and RVO, we make specific agreements on deepening connections in promising sectors, economic diplomacy, Holland Branding and networking opportunities for economic themes, including the opportunities in India for the Dutch top sectors. In addition, as an embassy we are directly involved in promoting bilateral cooperation and setting up and participating in partnerships to realize UN development goals. 

Our Focuspoints

There is a lot of interest from India in water, smart cities, mobility and infrastructure, health and life-science technology, and energy. As embassy we are also active in other sectors to promote the Dutch interest sustainability as well, such as startups, renewables, and circular economy. 


There are multiple challenges in India regarding water, but also opportunities for Dutch companies in this sector. The Ganga, for example, is affected by an increased amount of wastewater, trade flows, and other pollutants resulting from the increasing industrialization of the country. The Netherlands embassy cooperates with the Indian government, for example with The Clean Ganga Initiative in the field of water technology and management. Together we look for shared goals for innovation in water management systems..

Health and Lifescience

Life science & Healh

The Indian healthcare sector has grown greatly in recent years and, therefore, the country has become an interesting market for Dutch companies and knowledge institutions. Dutch companies such as Philips have been supporting the Indian healthcare sector for decades and the Netherlands embassy is working hard to create, together with the rest of the Dutch network in India, even more exchange between the two countries in the area of sustainable trade, knowledge, and bio-pharma and medical technology.

Logistics & Infrastructure

The logistics sector consists out of various sub-sectors in which the Netherlands embassy supports Dutch companies: roads, air, railways, sea transport and infrastructure. The Indian logistics sector is expected to grow between 2015 and 2020 with 8 to 9 % per year. It is, therefore, a perfect time for the Dutch business communities to take advantage of this growing market.


It is of great importance for India to invest in renewable energy technologies. The Netherlands and India work closely together in the field of solar panels (Solar PV). The Netherlands embassy connects Dutch companies with technical expertise with Indian companies in order to work towards a sustainable future for Indian and global energy production. Furthermore, our economic department focuses on monitoring the local market for opportunities and support in other forms of sustainable energy and the responsible use of natural resources.

An electric auto-rickshaw on Auto-Rickshaw Day, organized by Dutch startup Three Wheels United.

Smart Cities

In India, 30 % of the population lives in cities and urbanization is very likely to increase over the next years. Our economic department helps to introduce Dutch knowledge institutions to India in order to exchange innovative solutions for urban development and the quality of living in cities. The main opportunities for Dutch companies in the field of smart cities in India are ICT, water, e-maobility, and digitalization.


The growing Indian market offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs and pioneers. The Netherlands and India are working together to emphasize the opportunities of this potentially large innovation ecosystem. In 2018, the Dutch government, in cooperation with the Indian government, launched the #StartupLink network, where Dutch and Indian entrepreneurs can find each other. On the website of #Startuplink, you can find more information and become connected to our network.

India verbindt


The sustainability of Indo-Dutch trade is of high importance. Therefore, we support Dutch and Indian entrepreneurs and companies through the INDUS Forum. This online and offline network aims to  improve sustainable and inclusive cooperation between the two countries.

In order to support entrepreneurs and knowledge institutes as optimally as possible, we closely work together with the Dutch network and other experts in India, such as the Consulate General in Mumbai, the consulate general in Bangalore and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Within the embassy, we work closely with the Holland Innovation Network (HIN) team and the Agriculture Department.


Do you have a question regarding trade or business in India? Or another specific question regarding entrepreneurship for our economic department? Please contact us.