Embassy in New Delhi

Welcome to the page of the Netherlands Embassy in India in New Delhi. The Embassy, together with the complete Netherlands Governmental Network in India, represents and promotes the interests of the Netherlands and Dutch citizens in India. We support citizens, companies, knowledge institutes, development and other organizations. We also inform those who have a general, professional, or cultural interest in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the Embassy, together with the Consultate General in Mumbai, provides consular services.

New Delhi

New Delhi is the fascinating capital of India. With both local and the national government buildings such as the parliament and many embassies being located here, the city functions as the political heart of India. New Delhi is part of the much larger Delhi, where over 16 million people live.

In Delhi many cultures come together and different festivals festivals are celebrated exuberantly. The many temples and mosques also show the city's multi-religious character.

Icons of Delhi

Both Delhi and New Delhi are a mix of old and new India. The many markets, temples and busy traffic in Delhi are characteristic, but Delhi also has shopping centers, a modern metro system and many museums.

You will find iconic buildings in (New) Delhi, which show the many cultures and the fascinating past of the city and the country. The India Gate is located on the Ranjpath, a street that is reminiscent of the Champs-Élysées in Paris. You will find various landscaped gardens such as Lodi Garden and Connaught's Place. In the south of Delhi, you can find the well-known Lotus Temple and the Qutab Minar, a ruin from Moghul times. To the north, in Old Delhi, you can experience the famous spice market, and monuments such as the Red Fort and India's largest mosque Jama Masjid are located here as well.

Travelling to Delhi

With daily direct flights from Amsterdam, New Delhi is getting easier to travel to.  The Embassy's task is to support Dutch citizens in India, whether your stay is temporary or permanent. We provide help and advice when necessary and you can always contact us for questions. Are you planning to visit India and New Delhi soon? Please look for tips on this page. Always check the travel advice before departure to go on your journey as relaxed as possible.  On the page of our consular department, you can find more information travelling and other rights and obligations in India.

Our team in New Delhi

In addition to supporting Dutch nationals in India, we also focus on the interests of the Netherlands in other areas. With our team and the rest of the Dutch network in India, we increase the visibility of the Netherlands in India and draw attention to the connections between both countries, both economic, political, and cultural. We maintain close contact with Indian ministries, government institutions, non-profit organizations and all kinds of Indian stakeholders.

The Ambassador to India is Marten van den Berg. Deputy Chef de Poste is Anneke Adema.

The residency of the Ambassador


You can always contact us for general questions via the following options:

Phone: +91 11 24197710

Email: NDE@minbuza.nl