Paying taxes

Do you live or work abroad? If so, this will affect your Dutch taxes and benefits.

Paying tax in the Netherlands

If you live abroad, you might still have to pay tax in the Netherlands. You might also be entitled to benefits. This depends on several things, for example:

  • your location (Do you live abroad and work in the Netherlands? Or do you live and work abroad?)
  • your job (Are you self-employed or a paid employee? Are you on a secondment or temporary assignment?)
  • your employer (Do you work for a Dutch business, international employer or a foreign organisation?)
  • tax treaties (Has the Netherlands signed a tax treaty with the country you live in?)

On the website of the Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) you will find an overview of the tax rules for people who live or work abroad.

Paying tax in another country

You will probably have to pay tax in the country where you live or work too. Contact the local authorities to find out more.