Permanent export of personal vehicles to Greece

Supervising Public Authority
Transport & Communications Department, Municipality of place of residence of the person concerned

To be owner of the vehicle in order to delete/deregister

Required documents

  • Application-Declaration (E4 document)
  • Car license
  • State plates (in case of loss a certification from the Police department is required)
  • Certificate from ODDY confirming if the vehicle has been delivered to ODDY or affirmation N.1599/86 stating that the vehicle has been finally exported abroad or that it has not been abandoned in public areas. The affirmation has to refer to the exact address of storage of the vehicle. This address must not be a public/shared space (square, street, etc.).

The applicant shall submit the above documents in any department of Transport and Communications for the permanent deletion of the vehicle.

For the requirements for importing a car into the Netherlands, please see the website of RDW, the competent Dutch authority: