Applying for a Dutch nationality certificate if you live in Greece

If you are a Dutch national living in Greece, you can apply for a Dutch nationality certificate. You must provide a number of documents with your application. The documents you need depend on your personal situation.

You might need a certificate of Dutch nationality to prove that you are a Dutch national or to keep your Dutch nationality. If you are applying for a certificate to keep your Dutch nationality, you must have received the certificate within 10 years of the date of issue of your Dutch passport, ID card or a previous certificate of Dutch nationality. A new 10-year period starts on the day you receive the certificate.

Find out more about the situations in which you can apply for a Dutch nationality certificate.

Step 1: Create a personal checklist

When you apply for a Dutch nationality certificate, it is important that you provide the right documents. So you should first fill in the personal checklist for you or your child. Then you’ll know what documents you need.

Please note: In Step 2, you will see whether there are additional document requirements in the country you live in.

Generate your personal checklist by answering a maximum of 10 questions:

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  • Your foreign documents may need to be legalised.
  • If your document was not drawn up in Dutch, English, French or German, you should have it translated by a sworn translator.
  • You may be asked to provide additional documents.
  • A Dutch nationality certificate is only issued in Dutch.

Step 2: Check the additional requirements/information.

Your documents may need to meet additional requirements in a given country. Below you can find out about the requirements for Greece.

Proof of legal residence

You must provide proof of legal residence in the country where you live. In Greece, you can do this by providing:

  • a registration card for individuals who are registering for the first time (ΒΕΒΑΙΩΣΗ ΕΓΓΡΑΦΗΣ ΠΟΛΙΤΗ ΚΡΑΤΟΥΣ ΜΕΛΟΥΣ ΤΗΣ ΕΥΡΩΠΑΙΚΗΣ ΕΝΩΣΗΣ/veveosi engrafis politi kratous melous tis evropaïkis enosis);
  • a registration card for people who have lived in Greece for longer than five years (ΕΓΓΡΑΦΟ ΠΙΣΤΟΠΟΙΗΣΗΣ ΜΟΝΙΜΗΣ ΔΙΑΜΟNΗΣ ΠΟΛΙΤΗ ΚΡΑΤΟΥΣ ΜΕΛΟΥΣ ΤΗΣ ΕΥΡΩΠΑΙΚΗΣ ΕΝΩΣΗΣ/engrafo pistopiisis monimis diamonis politi kratous melous tis evropaïkis enosis);
  • if you also hold the Greek nationality: a valid Greek passport or ID card.

Birth certificate requirement when applying for a passport or ID card for a child (aged under 18)

If you are applying for a passport or ID card for a child, you must bring a complete official copy of the birth certificate or an extract from the register of births. The embassy in Athens will only accept a Ληξιαρχική Πράξη Γεννήσεως (lixiarchiki praxi genniseo).

First-time application: legalisation of documents

If, according to your personal checklist (step 1), you need to get a document legalised, and the multilingual extract of your birth certificate or marriage certificate was issued in Greece, legalisation is not necessary. You can use these documents directly to apply for a passport or ID card.

Do you have a document from another country? Then check whether it needs to be legalised.

Step 3: Apply for a certificate

Find out below how to submit your application.

How do you apply for a certificate?

Send a scanned copy of all the required documents and proof of payment to

Is the PDF file too large to send in one go? Then split the documents and send them in 2 (or more) emails.

How much will it cost?

A Dutch nationality certificate costs € 30 per certificate. Please transfer the total amount in euros (EUR) to:

Bank details
Bank name ING Bank N.V.
Address bank Financial Plaza, Bijlmerdreef 106
Postal code bank 1102 CT
Bank location


Account holder Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Address Rijnstraat 8
Postal code 2515 XP
Location Den Haag (The Hague)
IBAN NL57 INGB 0705 0010 08

Important! When making the transfer please state the following: VBN - <your initials and last name> - <your country of residence>.

For example: VBN - PJ Janssen - Spain

Remember to attach proof of payment to your email (for example a copy or photo of your credit card statement / bank statement).

How long will it take?

The average processing time for applications is 4 weeks. If you are asked to send additional documents, processing may take up to 8 weeks. You will receive the certificate digitally by email.


If you have any problems, you can ask questions using the contact form