Doing business in emerging markets or developing countries - Ghana

Do you have plans to do business in an emerging market or developing country? Will your investments benefit local development? In that case, the Dutch government will be happy to support your efforts.

Advice and information

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( (in Dutch) can answer your questions about doing business in an emerging market or developing country.

Establishing contacts

Dutch embassies, consulates and trade offices have the right network to help you make contacts. They also offer information and advice on doing business in that country.

Developing a business plan

The government can help you develop your business plan. For instance, you can ask to carry out a feasibility study (website in Dutch). You can use the results to draw up your business plan or project plan.

This information also helps potential business partners decide whether to invest in your product. A feasibility study increases your chances of getting export orders.


If you need help funding your activities in emerging markets or developing countries and the bank will not cover all the costs, the Dutch government may be able to help. The government can provide loans, insurance, guarantees (to cover risks) and grants.

Contributions to development

The Dutch government wants trade with emerging markets and developing countries to benefit those countries too. More jobs, better products and new technologies can improve living conditions and environmental protection. Your project must contribute to the country’s development to be eligible for government funding.

Go to’s website (in Dutch) for an overview of grant programmes.

Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF)

An example of a funding programme is the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF). It is aimed at 66 emerging markets and developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Doing business in this emerging market or developing country

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