Sometimes economic or other sanctions are imposed on a country, organisation or person. This means that companies are banned from doing business with them, or that special restrictions apply.


The international community can impose sanctions on countries that threaten international security or violate human rights. The reason for imposing sanctions on a country is to try to make its government change its behaviour. It may be difficult to do business with a party in a sanctioned country.

Examples of sanctions

If a country is subject to sanctions, there will be restrictions on trading with it. In some cases, no trade is permitted at all. Sanctions can also target a specific organisation or person. Examples of sanctions include an arms embargo, a ban on importing specific goods from the country in question or a ban on financial transactions.

Trading with a country subject to sanctions

If you want to do business abroad, check whether sanctions have been set against the country in question. If so, determine your best course of action. Sanctions vary for each country and each situation.