Joining a trade mission to Finland

Businesses, knowledge institutions and other organisations with international ambitions can join a trade mission to help them establish contacts abroad.

Trade missions are organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( They are an opportunity to showcase Dutch businesses, knowledge institutions and organisations and put them in direct contact with local parties.

Participating in a trade mission

Benefits of participating in a trade mission include:

  • meetings with potential business partners
  • growth of your international network
  • better idea of market opportunities
  • knowledge exchange
  • raising your profile.

Trade missions headed by a minister or state secretary

Some trade missions are headed by a minister, state secretary or members of the Royal House. They can open doors that others can't. And, if necessary, they can raise the issue of any trade barriers with their political contacts. This can be especially effective in countries with a highly directive government.

Go to for an overview of trade missions led by ministers (in Dutch). Here, you can also register to join one of them.

The Strategic Travel Agenda provides an overview of upcoming trade missions. The travel agenda (in Dutch) is agreed by central government, local government and the business community.  Contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if you have any questions about the travel agenda (

Other trade missions

The International Business portal (in Dutch) provides an overview of all trade missions undertaken by public and private parties.

For businesses of all sizes

SME and startups are just as welcome on trade missions as multinationals. The government's trade missions often include small businesses, knowledge institutions and NGOs wanting to do business abroad.


You must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) if you want to take part in a trade mission. There are also costs involved. Visit for the conditions for participating in a mission. You can also register (in Dutch) for a trade mission on the same site.

Orange Trade Mission Fund

Each year the Orange Trade Mission Fund helps many SMEs to achieve their international ambitions. The fund is an initiative of ING, KLM, the Royal Association MKB-Nederland and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with

Trade missions to this country or region

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