Financing international business

If you want to do business in a new foreign market, find financing that matches your ambition. The government is here to help you.


If your company needs financing in order to spread its wings abroad, the government can help. Ministries have a range of financing schemes (in Dutch) in place to help businesses at all stages of development. The schemes are implemented by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( For more information or advice, please contact an adviser.


As an export business, you can insure yourself against the risk of a foreign client who fails to pay. But there are instances where insurers and banks can't offer you that safety net. For example, for major transactions or long payment deadlines, or because of the situation in the country in question. The government supports businesses in such situations via Atradius Dutch State Business.

Emerging markets and developing countries

If you are investing in an emerging market or developing country and need help with financing, the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) may be able to help.