Responsible business practice in Finland

Are you doing business in Finland? The guidelines for corporate social responsiblity (CSR) apply to you.

The Dutch government has made agreements on corporate social responsibility with 13 sectors. These agreements are in line with OECD Guidelines.

OECD Guidelines

The OECD Guidelines give businesses guidance on dealing with human rights, child labour and environmental issues. By following the OECD Guidelines you will reduce risks and make your business more transparent. And customers, investors, shareholders and the general public will have more confidence in you.

Go to to find out what the Dutch government (and the governments of 45 other countries) expect from companies that do business abroad. The website also has information about how to implement corporate social responsibility.

Guidelines and tools

You can find an overview of guidelines and tools for corporate social responsibility on They can help your business put corporate social responsibility into practice.

Risk Check

When you do business abroad you will often have to deal with issues like labour standards, sustainability, human rights and corruption.

Consult the CSR Risk Check to find out what risks you may encounter abroad and how to deal with those risks. An interactive world map shows you at a glance what CSR-related risks are present in each country.

Country information

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( gives information about corporate social responsibility in several countries (in Dutch). The Dutch embassy in the country where you wish to do business can also give you more information.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) in this country or region

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