Doing business in Ethiopia: general information

The Ethiopian Government welcomes foreign investment. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has gathered pace over the past years and there have been improvements in the business climate.

Why invest?

The most promising sectors for foreign investment are: agriculture, manufacturing, ICT, mining, energy, tourism, textiles, and construction. FDI is barred for a limited number of sectors, a.o. banking, shipping and transportation, media, transmission and supply of electrical energy. Check out the website of the Ethiopian Investment Commission for more information.

Ethiopia has a large domestic market with a population of about 95 million. The population is young and growing. Ethiopia has a varied climate which allows production of temperate and (sub-tropical) crops. The labor costs are low and the air links are good; Ethiopian Airlines is rapidly expanding its list of destinations. Investments in logistics will make business easier, with e.g. the railroad connecting Addis Ababa to Djibouti and new investments in express ways.

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