What we do

Political, public diplomacy and cultural affairs

The main task of the political, public diplomacy and cultural affairs section of the embassy is to serve the political interests of the Netherlands in Egypt, to cover political developments, to promote the image of the Netherlands in Egypt and to enhance cultural relations in Egypt. Points of particular interest for this section are domestic political developments in Egypt, Egypt's role in the Middle East Peace Process, Egyptian policy in multilateral and regional fora such as the UN, the Human Rights Council, the African Union and the Arab League. It is active in promoting bilateral policy dialogue between Egypt and the Netherlands in matters of development cooperation.

Economic cluster

The economic cluster comprises the economic and agriculture departments. The economic department’s primary role is to advise and assist Dutch companies who are either exploring economic opportunities or already positioned on the Egyptian market. To that effect a vast and diverse number of trade requests and inquiries from Dutch companies and institutes are attended to. The section maintains a broad and active network within Egyptian government and semi-government institutions, local business communities and other key stakeholders. Furthermore, regularly economic analysis and policy reports are prepared. The economic department also engages in promotion of bilateral trade and direct investment as well as in promoting the bilateral policy dialogue on economic matters.

The agricultural department is a liaison between the Dutch and Egyptian agricultural sectors and promotes co-operation in the areas of agriculture, agri-business, agrologistics, food, fisheries, nature, agricultural research and education.

Consular and visa affairs

The consular section deals with the protection and promotion of the interests of Dutch citizens in Egypt.

Defense section

The office of the defense attaché represents the Dutch ministry of defense in Egypt. It acts as the liaison with the Egyptian ministry of defense.

Deployment of defence instruments in any region will only be effective if relationships are based on mutual trust. This is why stronger bilateral defence cooperation with Egypt is being pursued. Considering the role and authority of the Egyptian defence forces, bilateral military cooperation focuses on support for peacekeeping missions.