Photo for a passport or identity card in the Czech Republic

If you are a Dutch national and currently live in the Czech Republic, you can apply to the embassy in Prague for a passport or identity card. The photo you submit with your application must meet specific requirements.

Requirements for passport and identity card photos

The photo used in a passport or on an identity card must meet certain requirements. These include requirements concerning size, quality, background, appearance, position, facial expression, glasses, exposure and framing.

See for more information about these requirements.

Getting a passport photo made that meets Dutch requirements

Other countries often have different requirements for passport photos than the Netherlands. You should always tell a photographer abroad exactly what requirements your passport photo must meet. Also tell them that the photos are for the Dutch embassy or consulate. If the photos don’t meet the requirements your passport or identity card application may be rejected. The photographers listed below are located near the embassy or consulate and are familiar with the Dutch requirements.

Online passport or identity card photos

This website allows you to upload a photo that meets Dutch requirements:
Website: (in Dutch only)

Photographer in Prague

The following photographer in Prague is familiar with the Dutch requirements:

Kodak Express Hradčanská Foto Lab
Milady Horákové 107/115
Prague 160 00

Opening times: Mon-Fri: 08.00-19.00
Tel: +420(0)2-11221792

Tell the photographer that you need the photos for a Dutch passport.

You cannot park at the shop. The closest place to park is Na Valech street.