Economic affairs department

The economic affairs department has two main goals: promoting Dutch exports to China and facilitating effective and profitable operations of Dutch investments in China.

Instruments to achieve these goals are: marketscans for individual companies to assess their chances on the Chinese market; organizing trade missions to China, matching Chinese demand with Dutch supply, often together with Dutch government officials, including the Sino-Dutch links between provinces and municipalities; visiting central and local authorities to promote Dutch business interests etc.

The economic affairs department works together with the China network including the innovation department, the agriculture department, Netherlands Business Support Offices (NBSOs) and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA).



Name and e-mail Function
Elske Smith Head economic affairs
Mariëlle van der Linden Deputy Head economic affairs
Evelin Durieux Second secretary
Jan Maas Policy officer economy and trade
Zhao Fang Sr. commercial officer
Lv Ou Sr. commercial officer
Steven Sun Sr. commercial officer
Paheerya Yushan Sr. commercial officer
Zoe Huizinga Office manager economic affairs
Wouter Verhey Agricultural counsellor
Henk Stigter Agricultural counsellor market acces veterinary and phytosanitary products
Yan Su Agricultural advisor market access and -development animal products
Zhang Lily Agricultural advisor market access and -development vegetable products
Pan Mengyao Agricultural officer, finance and events, assistant dairy sector
Gabi Verberg Management assistant agriculture department
Taake Manning Innovation, science and technology counsellor
Maurits van Dijk Project coordinator PIB, office manager innovation department
Ma Qing Innovation, science and technology officer
Anne te Velde Infrastructure and environment counsellor
Wang Jia Environment and spatial planning officer
Huang Mei Infrastructure and water officer


Name and e-mail Function

Onny Jalink

Deputy Consul-general, Head economic affairs
Eline van Nistelrooij Deputy Head economic affairs
Laurens Bistervels Sr. project manager
Anne Rietveld Office manager

Lydia Jiang

Commercial officer

Chris Chen

Commercial officer

Joyce Guan

Commercial officer

Nick Hong

Agricultural advisor

David Bekkers

Innovation, science and technology officer

Anouk van der Steen

Innovation, science and technology officer

Bart van Hezewijk

Innovation, science and technology officer

Stella Shao

Infrastructure and water officer


Name and e-mail Function

Bertrille Snoeijer

Head economic affairs
Han Yin / Karin Sr. commercial officer

Chen Yunwei / Alvis

Commercial officer

Li Ke / Coco

Commercial officer

Zhu Zhichao / Ackles

Commercial officer

Jingmin Kan

Innovation, science and technology officer


Name and e-mail Function
Thomas Falkenhagen Deputy Consul-general, Commercial officer
Dean Chen Sr. commercial officer
Hu Xizhe / Sietse Agricultural advisor

Hong Kong

Name and e-mail Function

Annemieke Ruigrok

Consul-general, Head economic affairs

Rogier Hekking

Deputy Head economic affairs

Caitlin Lam

Sr. commercial officer

Betty Liu

Sr. commercial officer
Ellen Poon Commercial officer

Robbie Wang

Agricultural advisor


Name and e-mail Function
William van Tongeren Chief representative
Ayong Xi Deputy representative


Name and e-mail Function
Yin Hang Deputy representative


Name and e-mail Function
Ming Eikelenboom Chief representative
Peng Liu Deputy representative


Name and e-mail Function
Richard He Deputy representative


Name and e-mail Function
Ming Eikelenboom Chief representative
Sarah Xiao Deputy representative


Name and e-mail Function
Fons Lamboo Chief representative
Yuan Fei Deputy representative