Economic department CG Vancouver

Each year we target a number of specific themes, agreed within the Netherlands’ economic network in Canada. Working in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we seek and support economic partnerships and promote knowledge sharing and trade between Dutch and Canadian government authorities, businesses and knowledge institutions.

'Resilient City' Vancouver

The city of Vancouver

Up to 2019, our focus will be on Resilient Cities, Clean and Affordable Energy, Innovation and Agri-food in West Canada. Our broader aim is to develop and support our economic ties with Canada and build our network. To achieve it, we work with Dutch and Canadian businesses, the provincial and federal governments, academic institutions and think tanks.

Promising sectors

Resilient Cities

Several years ago, Vancouver launched the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan, setting out some ambitious aims. In developing, the city needs to take account of rapid urban growth, heavier rainfall due to climate change and the risk of earthquakes. This calls for solutions that will increase the city’s resilience. Architecture, city planning, water management, green construction, infrastructure and transport are hot issues. The Netherlands is well-known for its knowledge and experience in these fields. The Dutch Partnership for Resilient Cities in Canada was launched in 2017, enabling Dutch organisations to work together with their Canadian counterparts. Find out more about our theme Resilient Cities.

Innovation & Tech

Vancouver’s technology sector has grown steadily in the past 15 years, and is expected to continue to do so. As part of the newly formed Cascadia corridor (see BC Gov news, 2016) Vancouver is a major innovation and technology hub. With companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing just over the border in Seattle, and Hootsuite and Electronic Arts in Vancouver, the Canadian west coast has an extensive technology infrastructure to boost research and innovation. Find out more about our theme Innovation.

Landbouw innovatie in Nederland


The Netherlands also has a reputation in Canada as a specialist in the agriculture and horticulture sector. In our capacity as consulate-general we try to facilitate relations between the Canadian agriculture sector and Dutch businesses. The goal of the province of British Columbia’s Ministry of Agriculture and Lands is for agricultural production to grow by 91,000 hectares by 2020. The ministry is looking to the Netherlands for expertise and technology that will bring added value. BC’s agriculture and horticulture sector is expected to generate around 15 billion Canadian dollars in revenue by 2020. Find out more about our theme Agri-food and Horticulture.


To give entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions the best possible support and assistance, we work closely with the other missions and experts within the Netherlands’ economic network in Canada. They include the Embassy in Ottawa, the Consulate-Generaal in Toronto, NFIA North America and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (

We also work with the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education (Nuffic) and with various government ministries in the Netherlands and Canada.

Our team

The Economic department in Vancouver has five staff members, including one or two trainees for special assignments. See below for our permanent staff members and their jobs.

Naam Functie
Economisch team Vancouver
Henk Snoeken Consul-general (Chief of Mission)
Barry Nieuwenhuijs Deputy Chief of Mission
Ima Nahumury Trade Officer
Maarten den Ouden Trade Officer
Marieke Luit Management Assistant


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