Consular department CG-Vancouver

Our Consular department in Vancouver helps Dutch people living or staying in the area served by our Consulate-General, for example in an emergency. We deal with applications for new and renewed travel documents, and with applications for temporary travel documents for Dutch people whose passport has been stolen. You can also apply to us for consular declarations, obtaining Dutch nationality or legalising documents.

Wachtruimte Consulaire Afdeling Vancouver

Living and working in Canada

For consular information and all products go to Living and working. To apply for a passport or for other consular services, you need to make an appointment online. Go to Consular products appointment system (only in Dutch available).

On holiday in Canada

Are you coming here on holiday? Then you’ll want to be well-prepared. For a safe, enjoyable stay in Canada read coming to Canada and other travel tips here before you set off.

Civic integration

The Consular department is also responsible for the civic integration exam (website in Dutch only) which you need to take before you can apply for authorisation for temporary stay (MVV) in the Netherlands or a residence permit for the purposes of family reunification. In Canada, however, you must arrange to sit the exam through the Consulate-General in Toronto ONLY.


You can apply for a DigiD through our Consulate-General in Vancouver ONLY.

DigiD klein

Other support

The Consular department is also ready to assist if a Dutch national has gone missing, has been admitted to hospital or is under arrest. If the arrest leads to detention, we will provide the detainee with an information package and pay them a first visit.

Medewerkers op de consulaire afdeling

At our Consular department in Vancouver do two (2) of our team members work.

Name Title
Mitra Davari Senior Consular Officer
Toon van den Heuvel Consular Officer

Direct contact

Couldn’t find the information you wanted? You can contact us directly via the 24/7 BZ contact centre in the Netherlands.

The contact centre deals with calls to Embassies and Consulates-General throughout the world and assesses requests for assistance. You can call the 24/7 BZ contact centre on +31 247 247 247 or by phoning our Consular department in Ottawa (+1 613 237 5031).

You can also fill in the contact form. You will receive an answer within 48 hours. 

BZ contact center 24/7 - Dutch Foreign Affairs