Studying and internships in Canada

If you want to study or do an internship in Canada, you need to arrange certain matters, like a visa, a student grant or accommodation.

Studying abroad (university/HBO/MBO)

The website run by EP-Nuffic provides information on studying and doing internships abroad. It informs students at university and in higher professional education (HBO) and secondary vocational education (MBO) about:

  • scholarships and funds;
  • exchange programmes;
  • student finance;
  • diploma evaluation;
  • visas;
  • practical matters (accommodation, preparation).

The organisation Nederlandse Wereldwijde Studenten (Netherlands Worldwide Students, NWS) also offers information (in Dutch) about studying abroad.

Internships abroad

You can find information about doing an internship outside the Netherlands at

Legalisation and diploma evaluation

Education systems and diploma levels can vary from country to country. That is why some universities and colleges require a diploma evaluation. In that case it may be necessary to have a diploma legalised:

Studying and internships in this country or region

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