Our economic network in Canada

Canada is a major partner for the Netherlands in trade, investment, innovation and academic research.


The Netherlands’ economic network in Canada is coordinated by the embassy in Ottawa and the consulates-general in Toronto and Vancouver. Each of these missions has staff members specialised in one or more economic themes.

We also work closely with our other colleagues in the Netherlands’ economic network in Canada. These are the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and the honorary consuls. Honorary consuls are Canadian nationals selected to represent the Netherlands’ interests in the provinces.

Nederlands Economisch Netwerk in Canada

Nederlands Economisch Netwerk in Canada

Three main aims

The Netherlands’ economic network in Canada represents Dutch interests in Canada and has three main aims:

  1. to promote Dutch exports to Canada;
  2. to support effective, profitable activities by Dutch government authorities, businesses and knowledge institutions in Canada;
  3. to acquire a better overview of opportunities for the Netherlands in Canada by stepping up the dialogue with Dutch top sectors, businesses, knowledge institutions and government agencies.


The Netherlands’ economic network in Canada can support entrepreneurs by:

  • answering questions about business;
  • carrying out market scans for individual companies to identify their opportunities on the Canadian market;
  • advising and assisting business consortiums;
  • organising trade missions to Canada;
  • linking Dutch supply to Canadian demand (including relations between Dutch and Canadian provinces and municipalities);
  • securing invitations and sponsorship for Dutch professionals for global-level events in Canada (via the Canadian organisers);
  • representing Dutch commercial interests (e.g. through visits to central and local authorities).

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