Who can help you do business in Cameroon

The Netherlands has a worldwide network of more than 150 embassies, consulates and trade offices. Its mission in Cameroon is at your disposal.

Abroad: Embassies, consulates and trade offices

The Netherlands has embassies in capital cities, consulates in key economic centres and Netherlands Business Support Offices (NBSOs) in other regions with potential for Dutch companies. Staff at these missions are our eyes and ears around the world. They are familiar with the local market, highlight opportunities and give practical advice. And sometimes they can open doors that others can't. Make the most of their services.

Agricultural counsellors

If you work in the agriculture sector and are looking for support in doing business abroad, agricultural counsellors at Dutch embassies and consulates in 74 countries are keen to help you. Agricultural counsellors are based at Dutch embassies and consulates (website in Dutch).

Innovation Attaché Network

Looking for research and development contacts abroad? Innovation attachés can spot opportunities and help strengthen your competitiveness abroad. Innovation attachés are based at Dutch embassies and consulates (website in Dutch).

In the Netherlands: Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl)

Do you have specific plans to do business abroad? RVO.nl helps startups and established businesses with their export plans. It can give information and advice on the most attractive markets, and on the best steps and support facilities for you. And it can tell you how to take advantage of these opportunities. RVO.nl works closely with the embassies. So you'll also have access to the extensive international network of embassies.

Chamber of Commerce (KvK)

If you want to know more about doing business abroad, the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) can help. They are also your point of contact for any questions about export documents.

Who can you turn to for assistance as a business in this country or region?

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