Reporting a change relating to Dutch unemployment benefit

Changes in your situation can affect the unemployment benefit you receive from UWV. That is why it’s important to report them in good time, even if you live outside the Netherlands. You can do so online, by post or by phone.

Which changes should I report?

Various changes in your situation can affect your unemployment benefit. A new job or a change of address, for example.

Reporting a change online, by post or by phone

How and when you should report a change depends on your situation. Depending on your situation, you can report a change in one of the following ways:

Reporting a change

To find out which changes you need to report to UWV, and how and when to do that, see the online tool: How do I report a change if I receive unemployment benefit? (information in Dutch) on the UWV website.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact UWV (information in Dutch).