Applying for a DigiD in Australia

If you are a Dutch national living in Australia you can apply for a DigiD online. But you will need to collect your activation code in person. You can do this at a limited number of embassies. Pensioners living in Australia can apply to the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) for a DigiD.

Applying for a DigiD

You can apply for a DigiD from abroad at Here you will find a step-by-step guide to applying for your DigiD.

Collecting your activation code from a DigiD service desk in the Netherlands

To receive an activation code you must report in person to a DigiD service desk. You can find a list of DigiD service desks in the Netherlands at

Pensioners living abroad

What if you live abroad and receive an old age pension from the Social Insurance Bank (SVB)? Then you can apply to the SVB for a DigiD. You can do this online; you don't need to appear in person.

Do I need to have a DigiD?

DigiD stands for Digital Identity. You use your DigiD to prove your identity on the internet. It assures organisations that you are who you say you are. You don't have to use a DigiD, but many government organisations now work with the DigiD system. These include the Tax and Customs Administration, the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) and the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV). If you have a DigiD you can use the services they provide online. For more information about DigiD visit

Applying for a DigiD from this country or region

Applying for a DigiD from Australia

Before you make an appointment with the consular department for the retrieval of your DigiD activation code via appointment system on this website, you must have completed the DigiD application process.

In this application process you will receive a service desk code that is valid for 30 days. We also point out that a possible waiting time of more than 30 days at the consular department in Sydney is no reason to make an emergency request. Your service desk code may have expired at the time of your appointment, but you can request a second, new service desk code at any time - for example the day before your appointment at the consular department in Sydney. This will make it possible to complete the process for your DigiD activation code.